At Motorsport Service Centre we recognise that you need your car for every day functioning and convenience. That’s why we are offering a huge range of servicing options to keep your vehicle running at its full potential – while limiting any annoying inconveniences or costs to you.

Your pride and joy will be expertly serviced by our friendly and fully qualified technicians.

Stay in control of your costs. For additional car repairs, we will ALWAYS provide you with an itemised quote for you to approve before going ahead with any extra work. For those who aren’t car-savvy we won’t over complicate things for you, and will do our best to make sure you understand your car’s needs. We are more than happy to show you what needs working on in your car. We provide you with options and opinions for YOU to decide what is done.


What does a $179 minor service include? Our super special $179 service comprises of an oil and filter change (using up to 5L of oil), all fluids topped up, battery test and basic safety check.


Need a bit more than a minor service? We are more than happy to accommodate to your needs. If you’re worried about a weird noise or vibration- or anything else for that matter; just let our friendly office staff know when dropping your car down and we will make note to check it out for you during the safety check. We have more servicing options available.

Deluxe Service $299 – Oil and filter change (including up to 7L of oil), all fluids topped up, battery test, brakes check, cooling system check, hand brake adjust, diagnostic scan and fault code analysis, rotate and balance of all tyres and a comprehensive safety check.

Need anything else? Feel free to browse through our range of services.
Coolant system service   
Auto trans service
Power steering service
Air con service
Brake service & repairs
Clutch service & repairs
Gearbox repairs
Diff repairs

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Xforce Systems for all makes and models!!!

Xforce exhaust systems for all makes and models in the Xforce range.

All Xforce systems supplied and fitted including Varex systems currently available.

If you want to free up the power from your performance car or ease the load on your diesel we can match the exhaust to your needs.

Full systems available for most modern vehicles.

High grade stainless steel and mild steel systems available.

Best prices available on fitted systems.



*Prices vary depending on vehicle and system type.*

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From $800 supplied*

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