Motorsport Service Centre offers a range of complete servicing options, from diagnosis to repair and maintenance of differential assemblies.

The diff is a vital part of a vehicle's drive system. When the diff fails to operate, the vehicle is un-drivable until the diff is fixed or replaced. It is important to regularly check and service your vehicle’s diff. At Motorsport Service Centre we provide Diff Service to ensure your vehicle is at maximum performance and to prevent future costly repairs.

If your diff does require replacing, we are more than happy to inspect your vehicle and to provide an itemised quote for your convenience. At Motorsport Service Centre we stride to deliver unmatched customer service- we ensure that we are able to give you the best possible price for repairs, due to the efficient work of our expert technicians.

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Xforce Systems for all makes and models!!!

Xforce exhaust systems for all makes and models in the Xforce range.

All Xforce systems supplied and fitted including Varex systems currently available.

If you want to free up the power from your performance car or ease the load on your diesel we can match the exhaust to your needs.

Full systems available for most modern vehicles.

High grade stainless steel and mild steel systems available.

Best prices available on fitted systems.



*Prices vary depending on vehicle and system type.*

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From $800 supplied*

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