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VE-VF Magnuson 2300 supercharger: supplied and fitted $12,000 inc gst.

Kits come with MP2300 supercharger, cast inlet manifold, 6 rib accessory drive belt, intake pipe work, water to air intercooler assembly and 60lb injectors.


OTR cold air intake $650 inc gst supplied and fitted

Boost upgraded pulley $250 inc gst supplied and fitted

Rear pulley upgrade Gilmore drive $900 inc gst supplied and fitted

VE twin pump intake module $2300 inc gst supplied and fitted

2-2.5 bar map sensor $150 inc gst supplied and fitted


Set your Heartbeat Racing.

The all new Heartbeat supercharger range from Magnuson Superchargers Australia (MSA) raises forced induction to a new level of performance with reduced intake temperatures, enhanced airflow and superior housing efficiencies. Motorsport Service Centre supplies and fits these amazing supercharger kits with pride.

Designed specifically to suit the square ported 6L/6.2L LS series of engines found in the V8 VE and VF Holden/HSV range. The comprehensive kit lacking nothing, comprises of: Magnuson Heartbeat 2300 Supercharger, Comprehensive PWR Intercooler kit, VCM Performance Magnuson specific  OTR Intake, Flow-matched VCM Performance injectors (upgradable), direct replacement 2.5Bar Map sensor, NGK forced induction specific spark plugs, Magnuson Supercool coolant – all parts supplied and fitted by our expert technicians and Mafless tune performed at WA Performance and Service Centre.


Boost upgrade kit (up to 18 psi) inc Upgraded pentashaft, top drive pulley, lower harmonic balancer, lower pulley, lsa drive kit and belt: Supplied and fitted $3,300 inc gst.

VE twin pump intake module $2,300 inc gst supplied and fitted.

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Xforce Systems for all makes and models!!!

Xforce exhaust systems for all makes and models in the Xforce range.

All Xforce systems supplied and fitted including Varex systems currently available.

If you want to free up the power from your performance car or ease the load on your diesel we can match the exhaust to your needs.

Full systems available for most modern vehicles.

High grade stainless steel and mild steel systems available.

Best prices available on fitted systems.



*Prices vary depending on vehicle and system type.*

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From $800 supplied*

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