Motorsport service centre offers high performance aftermarket vehicle modifications, at the highest possible quality with the lowest possible prices. When it comes to car modifications, performance parts, and aftermarket parts, Motorsport Service Centre is the place to go. We offer car mods including (but not limited to) LS1 LS2 LS3 performance camshaft upgrades, exhaust systems, mufflers, cat-backs, high flow cats, tuning, hi-stall torque converters, clutches, sport clutches, heavy duty clutches, suspension/lowering, short shifts, OTR cold air intake, and so much more. If you want your V8 Holden or Ford to reach its peak performance talk to us about how you can achieve excellent results to suit all your needs.

VT-VZ LS1 5.7L HSV & HOLDEN COMMODORE PERFORMANCE CAM PACKAGE $2,700 - Suits all manual vehicles.
VCM performance camshaft with locks, springs and retainers supplied and fitted by our professional automotive technicians included with a Mafless tune.

VCM performance camshaft with locks, springs and retainers- includes single row timing gear and 3 cam bolt set supplied and fitted by our professional automotive technicians included with a custom Mafless tune.

Automatic vehicles can be fitted with a small cam. Otherwise automatic vehicles will require a Hi-Stall converter ($2,200) for the best results. Click here for more info on Hi-Stall torque converters.

ADD AN OTR FOR AN EXTRA $750 (only valid with cam packages).

So which stage cam should you go? The age old question. Our three most popular cams are the VCM7, VCM13 and VCM21.

Cam Profile: 232˚ 234˚ .596" 112 LSA
RPM Range: 2500-7000

The VCM7 Cam is our most popular cam, delivering a great lumpy sound and the best horsepower results of any other cams that we have used. This cam sounds great, while not being over-the-top. It is ideal for both a daily and a weekender vehicle (depending on how hard you like to drive to work). The VCM7 Camshaft is perfect to fit in a manual car, if you would like this cam in your auto vehicle you’ll have to install a hi-stall torque converter.

Cam Profile: 238˚ 242˚ .603" 112 LSA
RPM Range: 3000-7200

The VCM13 camshaft is not for the faint hearted- definitely catching some attention at the lights. It’s incredibly lumpy and undeniably loud. Mostly customers tend to drive their vehicle on the weekends, but who says you can’t have an off-it’s-head daily? The VCM13 is great in manual cars-you’ll need a hi-stall torque converter if you’ve got an automatic.

Cam Profile: 217˚ 225˚ .600" .578" 113˚
RPM Range: 1750-6600

VCM21 is known as our baby cam. If you’re looking for a camshaft that can be installed in your auto car without having the expense of a hi-stall, well look no further! The VCM21 is suitable for both auto and manual vehicles. You can drive a modified car with this cam every day without any hassles. This cam is hardly noticeable at idle, but you’ll experience its power when you put your foot down!

We understand that there are a few other choices from the VCM range when it comes to determining which camshaft you’d like installed in to your beast. You will find
all of the stats and other cams to choose from on the VCM website.

If you’re looking at getting the ultimate performance out of your car, then click HERE to view our full performance packages.

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Xforce Systems for all makes and models!!!

Xforce exhaust systems for all makes and models in the Xforce range.

All Xforce systems supplied and fitted including Varex systems currently available.

If you want to free up the power from your performance car or ease the load on your diesel we can match the exhaust to your needs.

Full systems available for most modern vehicles.

High grade stainless steel and mild steel systems available.

Best prices available on fitted systems.



*Prices vary depending on vehicle and system type.*

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From $800 supplied*

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